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Digital PR & Publicity

Offering an extensive range of online coverage is an essential part of each campaign. Creating tailored proposals that outline strategy and execution, the release is then distributed to our firmly-established global contacts network. The aim is for key digital platforms to get the music heard, with various features pitched to engage with new and current audiences.

Streaming Promotion

With the ever growing popularity of streaming platforms, Second Nature has built a crucial network of independent playlist curators for promoting music. Having a diverse range of contacts and being able to approach each campaign individually, this gives our clients the best opportunity to get their music heard - with an engaging audience.

Influencer Campaigns

The goal of every campaign is to raise awareness and boost the song within the youth community. The strategy is to create synergies between demographic tailored content, strategic posting, major or macro influencer activations and music platform support. Working with TikTok directly on previous campaigns has culminated in official support and challenges.